All medical cannabis products have to be compliance tested

I’m happy that the food and drug administration exists to guarantee that consumable products are safe for people to ingest.

I would rather live in a society with regulations on food than in a society that didn’t have them at all.

It’s not a perfect system, but it’s much better than living in a developing country where you can’t be sure about what you’re eating from one day to the next. Some people would argue that we deal with a similar situation with processed food. They would argue that a lot of the chemicals you find in sweets and other items loaded with preservatives aren’t necessarily safe for human consumption. I definitely understand where those people are coming from. We don’t have long-term studies determining the exact safety levels of some of the chemicals you find in random processed foods. At the same time, there is some minimal compliance testing that’s done. So with that in mind, you’re going to find a similar situation in other countries with processed foods. Not only are you going to lack any regulatory oversight, but you’re going to have people pursuing profits over safety in the same way companies do it in this country. That’s a big reason why cannabis products have to be compliance tested with labs. This is especially important with medical cannabis products because they’re used by people with medical ailments. You could cause one of these people to relapse or get more sick by selling them a product that has pesticides or chemical solvents in it. That’s a large part of what these lab tests are looking for. And these lab reports on all cannabis products are provided by the medical cannabis stores themselves.

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