After smoking joints all day, I was wiped out

My friend Jim and I went to the lake and spent most of the day trout fishing. My associate Jim and I started off the morning smoking marijuana that my friend and I purchased at the local dispensary. It was Jim’s idea to stop at the dispensary by our apartment to option up an infused marijuana pre-roll. I seemed to suppose it was a good idea and Jim was offering to pay for all of the infused marijuana pre-rolls. Jim and I smoked the marijuana joint before my friend and I got out on the boat. After Jim and I got out to our favorite fishing spot, my friend and I smoked another infused marijuana pre-roll. Jim and I spent the day catching fish after fish. Some of them were too small to keep, however many of the fish were important enough to keep and filet. Jim and I smoked another infused marijuana pre-roll when my friend and I got back to the dock. I couldn’t get the reek of the fish out of my nose after my friend and I were done cleaning and getting each one of the twenty fish that my friends and I caught. I smoked another bowl of marijuana in the vehicle when I was heading back to the house. After smoking marijuana all day, I was genuinely tired. I don’t usually smoke that much infused bud. I laid down on my bed and I fell deep asleep before I had a opportunity to take a shower. I woke up around 3:00 in the morning and I still smelled dead fish everywhere in the house. Even after I got a hot shower and turned on the air conditioning, I still couldn’t get the awful smell out of the air.