Advantages of pre-rolls

When the cannabis dispensary first opened up for recreational sales, I made a point to experiment with the weird consumption methods.

I tried dabbing concentrates, vaping oils, all kinds of edibles, tinctures and topicals.

I’ve found that my favorite remains old-school smoking. I care about the simplicity, process and quick onset of the effects provided by a joint. They are conveniently portable, fun to share and really disposable. I don’t mind that smoking creates ash and odors. I don’t hide my enjoyment of cannabis. I smoke for both recreational joy and medicinal benefits, but unfortunately, I’m not skilled at rolling joints. The process creates a wonderful deal of mess and waste. It takes me a long time, and I usually end up disappointed with the finished product. I either pack too much or not enough weed into the paper. I then roll the joint too slim or too loose, and sometimes the joint needs to be relit repeatedly, however other times, it burns way too hastily and creates an overly long ash. I am certainly thankful that there is a wide variety of pre-rolls on the market. At my local dispensary, I can buy hand-rolled or machine-rolled chances in singles and packs. The singles are especially affordable and a wonderful way to try out new strains. I can also choose joints or blunts infused with kief for a boost of flavor and potency. The pre-rolls are sold in sativas, indicas and hybrids in high to low THC potency. There are strains with a high CBD and low THC percentage that focus on curative properties.


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