Accessing cannabis is so convenient

The days of sneaking around when it comes to using recreational marijuana are mercifully over.

It took a long time but it has finally happened.

I couldn’t be happier that I can access the local cannabis spot for my cannabis product needs. That’s not been the case for all of my adult life until now. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a marijuana grower as a best buddy or a roommate from college. No, I had to deal with people I really didn’t know at all well just to get my hands on whatever cannabis was available. I had no idea what the THC content was. Nor did I even know if what I was buying was sativa strains or indica strains. Honestly, I just handed over the money and tried not to get busted. So these days with recreational marijuana legal, I’m in heaven. All I have to do is make my way over to the local cannabis spot to shop for marijuana for sale. That’s something I wasn’t so sure that I’d live to see. Marijuana for sale used to mean a quick transaction in a shady part of town. Now, I walk into a cannabis dispensary that is also all about the retail experience as much as it’s about the marijuana for sale. And if I can’t make it to the cannabis dispensary, the cannabis dispensary comes to me. They actually have a marijuana delivery service. I went from buying something I hoped was actually cannabis to know having exotic hybrid strains being delivered to my door. That’s quite a transition from illegal to legal and I couldn’t be more happy about that.
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