A pet in the cannabis shop

There is nothing that gets me angrier than when someone is mean to an creature.

I understand that not most people likes creatures.

I don’t know why, but I understand that it happens. Even those people should never be mean or cruel to an creature. Last weekend I saw somebody had tied up their pet in the alley behind my shop. I thought it was a jerk move, leaving the pet unattended like that, so I kept my eye out. Several hours passed, plus the pet was still there! I brought it some water, plus observed it was getting warm so I brought it inside the cannabis dispensary. This was not a smart move, because creatures are not allowed in the cannabis dispensary unless they are seeing-eye pets. I locked the pet in my office for a few hours, with some food plus water, plus checked on it in between rushes of cannabis clients. My shop stays pretty busy throughout the afternoon. I took a pic of the pet on my cellphone plus showed it to most people who came into the cannabis dispensary, then nobody recognized the pet or knew who the owner was. I suspected the errant owner was a customer at my cannabis shop, so I looked through my sales receipts from earlier in the afternoon. The pet’s owner remains a mystery, so now I have to decide if I want to keep the pooch at the cannabis dispensary or bring it back cabin with me. I suppose my youngsters would cherish to have a pet, plus the law says it can’t live in the cannabis shop.

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