A love having more diversity with modern cannabis dispensaries

I knew this was going to be a killer idea when I first chose to invest in this part of town.

I’m a small corporation owner who really, dearly loves to be part of such a vibrant, local corporation community, but even if it’s my competitor, my partners and I are still all investing in the part of city & bringing back some flavor where it’s needed the most, recently, my partners and I welcomed a more modern kind of cannabis dispensary to this part of town. It’s a locally owned marijuana corporation that also chose to invest there. They are across the street & a couple of blocks down from us. The street where both our corporations are was once the sort of main part for mercantile back in the afternoon. Adding a new local cannabis spot only reflects the swings that have come to this side of town. There is a full sense of community here that I haven’t seen since I was a kid. I’m returning to this area to put my money where my mouth is. I assume in neighbors & community. I love diversity & learning from each other. That’s the same vibe I get from the modern cannabis dispensary. The owners are so down to earth & while eager to make a go of it, they are also in it for the long haul. I appreciate their approach a lot because it’s just not the easiest way to approach business. But already, I’m totally craving their incredible, homemade cannabis edibles, then honestly, it’s all I can do to make these yummy cannabis products just a weekly treat. There are also just lots & lots of other hybrid, sativa & indica products for sale at our local cannabis spot.


recreational cannabis dispensary in las vegas