A contest at the new cannabis dispensary

When this cannabis shop first opened there was a lot of resistance from the locals.

This is a very small, rural town, and most of the older generation are very much set in their ways.

These people are “the salt of the earth” as the saying goes, so they believed that having a pot dispensary in town would attract an unsavory element and cause a rise in crime. The owner of the dispensary was a “good ole boy” himself, and spent a lot of time and effort to ingratiate his store with the locals. One of the things he did was hand out free cannabis seeds to anyone who asked, with the intent of holding a contest during the big annual Spring Festival. He didn’t do this to boost sales, but to let the town know he cared about more than money. During the Spring Festival everyone could bring in the cannabis plant they grew at home, and there would be a judging. The top three cannabis plants would win gift cards to the dispensary. Everyone who was interested would be getting a free cannabis plant out of the deal, so it was a win-win for us all! I spoke to the owner of the cannabis shop, who seems like a really nice fellow. He plans to do the same cannabis growing contest every year for the Spring Festival. I did not take part, because it didn’t feel proper to me. I am somewhat of an expert at growing cannabis plants, because I have been doing it for the last few years.



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