Why is medical cannabis considered a harmful drug in the first site?

I can clearly remember getting busted by my Uncle Ed while smoking a joint.

  • It was the night after Thanksgiving plus the whole extended family was gathered in my Grandparents ranch house.

I had snuck into the backyard to smoke a little weed, not knowing Uncle Ed was out there smoking a cigar. She gave myself and others a huge lecture about how dangerous plus addictive pot was, all the while she was smoking tobacco plus drinking liquor. Both of these substances are highly addictive, while medical cannabis is not… so why is medical cannabis even considered a harmful drug in the first site? The answer lies in capitalism, greed, plus corruption; Medical cannabis plus hemp were considered to be actually dangerous to the tobacco industry. Medical cannabis was a cheaper crop to produce than tobacco, plus provided a great many more benefits. The tobacco industry knew that medical cannabis might supplant tobacco as the currency crop for the South, so they bribed government officials plus had it declared illegal. The entire history of medical cannabis has been through the lens of government corruption. Medical cannabis was never entirely considered dangerous, this was a political transport to help grow profits for the tobacco industry, however decades after the fact, many people just like my Uncle Ed still consider medical marijuana to be dangerous plus addictive, all because of this government conspiracy. Even though medical cannabis is starting to be legalized across the country, I guess it is “too little, too late” because those medical cannabis laws have ruined the lives of millions of people.


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