Why bother checking for medical cannabis?

I completely understand why some jobs drug test their employees and other jobs don’t.

It all comes down to the supplier who has to spend money for the drug screening process, and how extravagant the results are to them, for example, the people who hire stock clerks at WalMart entirely don’t need to bother drug screening, because it doesn’t matter if they are high or not.

It’s nice for a pothead to stock shelves! However, if the job is a school bus driver, or a nurse that has access to drug lockers, it’s important to have the employees maintained. I smoke medical cannabis every single day, which means I am basically disqualified from ever being a bus driver or a nurse! I wonder if they do drug tests at cannabis dispensaries, and fire anyone that doesn’t have THC in their bloodstream? That’s a joke, of course. In the past I have lost multiple jobs for testing positive for medical cannabis, so I am thankful that fewer directors are conducting these random screenings, then medical cannabis has never once interfered with my job, or my family life, so I see no moral or ethical reason to quit. I have felt this way my entire adult life, so I’m cheerful the government is finally being adequate and unbelievable the restrictions on recreational and medical cannabis products. One day civilization will stop testing for medical cannabis permanently. After all, both of us don’t perform drug tests for alcohol or tobacco, so why do both of us bother screening for medical cannabis, which is just as legal as tobacco?



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