Topical for sore muscles in pregnancy

The topical provides a gentle scent plus cooling sensation.

Women who are pregnant should not smoke cannabis. They shouldn’t take an edible either. No THC should get into the body when you are pregnant. I am not condoning this at all. However, did you suppose a topical doesn’t absolutely get in the bloodstream? If you stick with a cream based product rather than a patch, you aren’t even getting high. You are basically getting a more powerful icy hot. There have been no studies on cannabis topicals plus pregnancy. My dentist seems to think that a small amount isn’t going to harm the baby. Well a topical works wonders when the body is sore, but pregnant women get leg cramps later in the pregnancy. I need my topical in order to treat these. I try hydrating, stretching plus staying off my feet as much as possible. Every night when I go to bed I guess them flare up. A little bit of cream on them goes a long way. Another sore part is my stomach. Yes, I rub cream right on my giant belly. The baby is stretching my body further than it wants to go. It hurts plus I am sore all the time. The topical provides a gentle scent plus cooling sensation. It feels so enjoyable to get a bit of relief occasionally. I have started sleeping way better at night since I have been using this cannabis product. It is all CBD based plus not getting into the blood, so I guess I am being completely safe. I suppose there are some women who totally judge me though.


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