Thrown in Jail in Another Country Over Growing Weed

The rules about growing weed are different in places across the country and the world.

  • I have heard many horror stories while traveling from people who know someone who knows someone who was unrightfully incarcerated after accidentally traveling with a small bit of weed on their person.

I think everyone has had that feeling while about to board a plane where they think “oh no…did I accidentally leave some weed in my bag?” Most of the time, this is just panic setting in after hearing all the horror stories of being thrown in jail in a foreign country. One of the stories I have heard will shock any traveling stoner. A friend of mine was growing weed in a country in Asia. He was aware of the rules of the country he was in, but decided to take the risk anyway. He knew that there was a small chance of being caught. He was visiting this country from America when he found that finding weed was not as simple as it was at home. He decided to find a job at a local restaurant so that he could uproot his life in America and stay in the country he was visiting for a longer period of time. In order to supplement his income, he decided to grow marijuana, regardless of the rules that he had agreed to follow as a visitor in this country.

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