The whole morning was a great time because of recreational marijuana

Recreational marijuana can be so much fun, especially if you are a first time user.

Marijuana has some pretty impressive effects.

It makes you feel incredibly light-headed, woozy, and somewhat drunk. The best thing about smoking marijuana is the fact that you don’t wake up with a hangover the following day. I used to drink all of the time when I was in university and I woke up with a hangover that was fairly terrible. I had a headache, chills, and my body ached. Recreational marijuana is much different. I could smoke recreational marijuana all night long and I still won’t wake up with any awful feelings in the morning hours! Because marijuana is a plant, it does not have a ton of awful side effects. When I discovered my appreciation of recreational marijuana, I wanted to try a lot of new activities to see what was fun while I was high. One thing that I thought was going to be interesting and neat was going hiking. Hiking is something that I love because it is outside and I can do it alone. I got genuinely high and went hiking on top of the canyon. It felt like my first time ever seeing the wild flowers and the beautiful scenery. The entire morning was a lot more fun because of recreational marijuana. I had a good amount of energy and I felt like everything that is usually mediocre, stuck out in my mind. I also hiked approximately twelve miles that morning and It seemed like I was only gone for a short while.
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