The tourist-cannabis trade in summer works for us

This past summer I came up with a good idea, which was an easy and perfect way of making a lot of cash without paying taxes. I come from a small remote area that is well-known for being a travel destination for most elites from the larger cities. Each summer time this little town is flooded with rich folks seeking to spend a few weeks by the ocean. I noticed that there was an untapped market brought by these people. If only I could supply them with cannabis for a good price then there was a high likelihood of making cash. Well, our state has limited legalization for cannabis. While Marijuana is legal in some cases, you can only access it with a state-issued prescription card. What’s more, the state only issues these cards to their citizens, meaning that tourists from other states cannot legally buy cannabis here. But I can! My friends & I joined hands and all went to several cannabis dispensaries where we purchased as much of the product as we could. Then we repackaged the different cannabis strains into smaller bags, & charged double for it. Since most of the tourists were wealthy they had no issue paying 80 bucks for 40 bucks worth of cannabis. This increased our profits, we were now thinking of a way to buy cheaper cannabis to get higher profits! This summertime would be the time to try out our strategy as we planned to get into the cannabis selling racket again, and we intend to be better organized. I just wish tourists would stay here all year around, because that could make us get into the cannabis business permanently.