The paramedics told us that the joint did not have marijuana

My friends plus I went to the beach for Spring break… While every one of us were there, every one of us had a lot of deranged adventures, my buddy Jack got a tattoo plus I got my nose pierced.

We ate lots of food from the boardwalk plus street vendors… I never truly worried about my safety, because the people seemed to be extremely nice plus helpful.

When someone offered us a marijuana joint, I thought it was a great idea. I was the guy that took money out of the ATM so every one of us could buy the marijuana joint from the foreign man. My friends plus I smoked the marijuana joint. I started to suppose funny. I have had marijuana in the past plus it was not this style of feeling. I started to suppose light-headed, faint, plus dizzy. My friends were feeling equally terrible. I thought every one of us should go to the hospital but none of us felt like every one of us could drive! Jack called the paramedics plus they arrived about a hour or two later; The paramedics wanted to believe if every one of us smoked something or ingested something. I told the guy that every one of us bought a marijuana joint from a guy on the street plus the guy rolled his eyep. The paramedic looked at the rest of the marijuana joint plus he told my friends plus us that the joint did not have any marijuana in it. The item inside of that joint was an illegal product made for street sale plus quick production. My friends plus I were blessed that every one of us did not die from the unnatural substance.



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