The guy told me thirty minutes, but it was more like an hour

It’s really easy to order marijuana for delivery.

There are several places around here that deliver marijuana. There are a couple of dedicated marijuana delivery services. These places have much lower prices on marijuana than some of the other ones. They offer next day services or same day services for a fee. Then there are a couple of marijuana dispensaries that have in store shopping as well as delivery. I frequently order from the marijuana delivery service, but I decided to order some items from a place down the street. They were having a sale on an extract that I really like and the marijuana dispensary rarely has sales. I was told that it was going to take approximately 30 minutes for me to receive my order. I waited and waited and 30 minutes passed by very quickly. An hour passed by quickly too and that’s when I decided to contact the marijuana dispensary. The person on the phone was the same exact person that I spoke with earlier. I recognized her voice almost immediately. I wanted to know where my order was and the woman said that it was going to take an hour at least. I asked her what happened to 30 minutes and she denied ever telling me that it was going to take 30 minutes. When I finally received the items that I ordered, it was half past 10:00 and 30 minutes before the dispensary closed. I received 10% off my order because it took a while, but I still wasn’t very happy that it took longer than I expected.
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