The drive-through marijuana store

My wife Beth and I drove all the way up the seaboard.

The two of us spent 6 minutes in the automobile on the highway and the view was spectacular.

Beth and I stayed close to the ocean, so the two of us could see the beach, rocks, and the water. Beth and I stopped at a couple of venues while the two of us took our leisurely time driving up the coast. Beth and I stopped at roadside stands that sold plums and plum pies. The roadside stand also had fresh lemonade, coffee, cappuccino, and a huge variety of other plums and plum-based products. Beth and I bought an plum and a plum pie along with more than 2 jars of jam and a plum butter that looked honestly yummy and fresh! For lunch, Beth stopped at a small restaurant right on the beach. The venue had a dive atmosphere however the food was truly good. I had a thick steak and cheese sub and fries and Beth had a chicken Caesar wrap. The food was tepid and fresh and it tasted quite good. After lunch, Beth found a truly odd and peculiar venue. The drive-thru Marijuana store was the first a single 1 that Beth and I had ever seen. The marijuana store and dispensary was on the side of the road, however they had a drive-thru window just appreciate a coffee shop or eating establishment… We could venue your order from a screen outside that listed all of the items they had available inside of the marijuana dispensary. Then you drove to the next window to option up all of the items from our marijuana order. It only took about 5 minutes from the time the two of us made the order until the time that our order was filled.


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