The dog was rushed to the vet after overdosing on THC

I love all of my children a great deal, but there are sometimes when I think they make incredibly stupid decisions.

My son was at home with all of his friends and he thought it would be fun to get the dog high.

My son used marijuana products that were purchased from the dispensary. He gave the dog a couple of edibles to see what would happen. The dog did not react well to the thc. She started having convulsions and then she fell down on the floor. My son was freaking out because he thought that he killed our family dog. He called me at work and told me about the incident with the marijuana product. I told my son to take the dog directly to the emergency vet and I left work and met him there. Thank goodness the dog turned out to be just fine. The vet staff and emergency crew wanted to contact the police department to report animal abuse. If I had not gone to the hospital to be with my son, I think he would have ended up leaving in handcuffs. That was the last time that my son ever tried to give the dog something that he wasn’t allowed to have. I think he learned the lesson after he saw his loving pet sitting on the table in that condition. Even though marijuana is legalized for medical and recreational use in many places around the world, I think it’s important to remember that it is still a psychoactive drug and something that has to be kept away from animals and children.
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