The dispensary was on my way home from the airport

Jack called me a couple of days ago and he asked me if I would pick him up from the airport on Friday night.

His girlfriend was supposed to pick him up, but she had an emergency and was not going to be able to get there in time.

I was happy to offer to pick up my friend from the airport. I knew that the plane was not going to land on time, because planes at the airport never land on time. I wasn’t too worried about getting to the airport before Jack landed. His plane was supposed to get there at 9:30. The marijuana dispensary near the airport is only open until 9:00. I decided to go to the dispensary before going to the airport. I didn’t want to wait until we were on our way home because I knew that Jack was going to be tired. The dispensary is a couple blocks off the interstate. That exit was actually blocked due to construction. I had to travel two blocks farther and then backtrack. The other side of the interstate turned out to be blocked off as well. I had to travel up one more exit and then go all the way around the city in order to get to the marijuana dispensary. It was a lot of trouble and the prices weren’t that good. I thought I was going to find a lot of buy one and get one for free sales, but they really didn’t have anything that was worth buying. I wasted a lot of driving for nothing at all.


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