The dispensary didn't bring my order two days in a row

I only get paid once a month, so I have to budget my money really well.

If I run out of money before the end of the month, I am in big trouble.

When I get paid on the 1st, I pay all of my bills and I fill up my car with gas. I pay the insurance, rent, and the electric bill. I also go to the marijuana dispensary to stock up on medical marijuana supplies. Medical marijuana is legal where I live. Prices of medical marijuana are relatively inexpensive, thankfully. It would be much more difficult to maintain good mental health if medical marijuana was expensive. Sometimes on the first of the month, I order from a delivery service in the city. The delivery service will only come to my address if I order $200 worth of items. My address is about 35 miles away from the delivery service. The dispensary was closed on Sunday because it was New Year’s day. On Monday I went online and placed my order. I bought 6 grams of cannabis concentrate and 2 ounces of dried marijuana flower. I bought three packages of edibles and some pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes as well. I placed my order around 10:00 in the morning. No one ever showed up to bring the delivery that day. I called the dispensary several times and no one answered the phone. The next day I tried to order again and I had the same problem. I finally gave up ordering online on the third day. I called the shop to place my order in person. I had to call about 10 times, but I finally got through.

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