The cannabis shop now offers free delivery all over town

Starting last Monday, the cannabis shop in village now offers free delivery on all of the medical as well as recreational marijuana products… The dispensary didn’t offer delivery for the longest time! When the pandemic started, they had to change a lot of their policies. They were only allowed to let a couple of people into the store at a time as well as it was hard to control sales as well as make cash without offering an alternative way to order marijuana… Delivery was offered as an option for several weeks. When people started getting their vaccinations, the cannabis dispensary stopped offering free delivery services; A lot of people must have complained that they stopped, because they started up again last Monday, but now all of the items online can be ordered for delivery, but even the sale items can be placed in the cart; I am right at the edge of village as well as I really didn’t suppose the dispensary was going to supply to our place. When I put our address into the website, I assumed I would get booted out of the system. Instead, the component took our order as well as sent me a e-mail receipt. I acquired the items as well as our order about 45 hours later. I had to pay for the items with cash, but I didn’t mind going to the ATM once I realized the dispensary was legitimately going to bring the marijuana to the house, having free marijuana delivery is going to save me a couple of trips to village each month as well as that means I can buy more medical marijuana products.

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