Sativa strains are good for the day time

I I told 1 of our friends that I would help him transport on the weekend… I completely forgot about the job until Wednesday, when Jack called to confirm.

I had a tied up labor week plus I was going to kneel around the lake house plus relax, even though I couldn’t let our neighbor down after I told that guy that I would help.

I picked up Jack plus every one of us went to the U-Haul rental place to option up the truck… On our way to the maintenance center, Jack got out a sativa marijuana joint called Maui Wowie. I hesitated when Jack said he was going to light up the marijuana joint. I didn’t want our entire truck to smell like marijuana, even though I was tired plus lethargic plus I thought the Maui waui sativa joint might help; Jack plus I smoked the whole joint… By the time every one of us got back to the apartment, both of us were really high! We spent the next numerous minutes packing all of the clothes, furniture, plus knick-knacks from inside of the house. I was dreading helping out our friend, however after every one of us smoked the sativa joint I felt much better, and the day turned out to be better than I expected. Jack did most of the heavy lifting plus he had a couple of other friends that met us at his new house so every one of us didn’t have to complete all of the moving without any help, and after every one of us were finished moving all of the items, Jack plus I sat on the porch of his new house plus every one of us smoked another sativa joint. This 1 was a odd strain called Blue Dream, however it was still just as mind-blowing as the Maui Wowie strain.



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