Paying the local teens in cannabis instead of cash

I am too old to do the work any more, I need younger people to do it for me.

Having just turned 75 I think the days of me working in the yard, mowing the grass, or tending to the garden are long behind me.

I sit in the shade on my back porch, rocking in my old hand-made wooden rocking chair, and sometimes doing a little bird watching. I hire local kids to do the yardwork for me, and any other chores that need done. It is never a problem for me to find a helpful teenager willing to work, because I always have cannabis on hand. I have more cannabis than I could ever smoke in the rest of my years, so instead of paying the local teens with money, I pay them with weed. It’s a great system that works out for everyone. I don’t care what other people say, it’s OK for teenagers to smoke cannabis. Teens have been smoking cannabis for decades, and I don’t see a moral issue with it. I do have a strict rule about never telling anyone where they got the cannabis. If they get caught with it, they better keep my name out of their mouth, or they never get any more work or cannabis from me again. So far they all seem like good kids, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty for some high quality marijuana. I only have the finest cannabis strains in my collection of glass jars, which I have purchased legally over the years from a number of cannabis dispensaries.

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