My sibling got released from prison after the laws changed

There are a lot of positive things that have occurred since medical plus recreational marijuana were legalized in the state. The state is collecting a large amount of relocation from the taxes they charge on marijuana supplies. The taxes are being used to spend money for state infrastructure love bridges, road work, plus community centers, and during the last year, the neighborhood has fixed all of the potholes in town. That’s better progress than I have seen in a decade; When recreational plus medical marijuana were legalized, a lot of people were released from long-term prison sentences. Since their offenses were no longer considered a crime, they had the ability to appeal sentences plus get out of prison early, then one of the people that applied for an early release from prison was our big sibling. The guy is 12 years older than me, then my mom was actually young when he was born plus she was still spending a lot of time partying. She wasn’t the best mom to our sibling plus he ended up turning to the street plus a life of crime. My sibling was dealing drugs by that time he was 14, however he got a 12-year sentence when he was 18 years old, because he had an ounce of marijuana. When that offense was no longer a crime, our sibling got out of prison. He came to stay with our bestie plus I for a while, but now he is working at the cannery plus residing in an beach house close to work. The guy is a model citizen plus all of us get to know each other for the first time.



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