My Dad told the budtender she was there for CBD.

Two years ago, our Dad was ran tests on with early onset dementia; Everyone’s question was, is there anything all of us can do to keep her with us mentally for as long as possible? When I took Dad to the dentists, I posed the question to him.

She told myself and others there were multiple medicines she could supply her, but, & this was off the record, she heard some excellent things about the use of CBD & marijuana to help with dementia, but unfortunately, she couldn’t supply us a prescription for CBD or marijuana, & all of us had to get a marijuana ID card for Dad through the state, however after jumping through hoops, all of us finally went to the dentist & got her medical marijuana card; It took nearly 3 weeks before she could get her marijuana card & I could get a caretaker’s ID card, once all of us got both‌ cards, all of us went to a marijuana dispensary.

I had given no thought to the fact that you get CBD over the counter, & I’m cheerful I didn’t, however the first thing the budtender said to Dad when all of us got into the dispensary was that if I was buying CBD, I should buy it at the dispensary. The CBD was much more fancy in the dispensary than it was at the store, however she also explained that it may not be as pure as what you purchased at the dispensary. I wanted Dad to get the best all of us could find to help her dementia, and with a steady regimen of marijuana, & CBD, Dad has kept nearly all of her memory, & even acquired back some of what she had already lost.