Medical marijuana has been legal for 3 years

Medical marijuana has been legal in the state for 3 years, but our mom still refers to the medicine as a drug; I don’t assume there is anything that will change her mind about marijuana, and the two of us watched a documentary that was particularly about the benefits of medical marijuana can offer plus our mom said it was junk science.

  • I mentioned medical marijuana to our mom a couple of weeks ago, because I wanted to bring up the subject.

I recently applied for a medical marijuana card plus I’m going to start using the plant to help with our anxiety plus depression. I actually didn’t want to hide the medical marijuana use from our mom, so I thought it was pressing to talk with her about the subject. I was hoping our mom would be open to a discussion about medical marijuana, although she got actually frustrated plus started praying for our life, she thinks I’m going to turn into a drug addict plus rob a convenience store if I start using medical marijuana. I tried to tell our mom that she was not being reasonable, plus she made myself and others leave the house. She hasn’t answered the iphone since all of us had that visit. I absolutely cannot guess our mom is sticking to her opinion plus I’m even more frustrated that she is going to let that ruin our relationship. The dentist is the person that recommended pot. The guy has a medical degree plus thirty years of experience. I’m not going to turn down any medical advice that might help myself and others assume more sane.



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