Making the cannabis dispensary a big part of our treatment plan

I’m so thankful to have ready access to cannabis products.

Truly, the use of both indica plus sativa products have just improved our life. And I would say that it’s changed in a way that I wasn’t sure was possible. From middle school on, I have had a very tough time dealing with social interactions. Staying alone at the beach house plus studying was our way of not getting out there plus being a part of any social interactions. Prior to being introduced to marijuana, I felt so utterly awkward plus useless in social interactions. I made it all the way through university without ever smoking any kind of cannabis products. Going to where people were using cannabis products was what I was trying to avoid. I guess I managed our anxiety disorder by simple avoidance. But once I was an absolutely working adult who had to interact with people, it was just so much harder. I got to the point that I had to even task remotely because I would have panic attacks about just going into the office. That’s when our doctor proposed that I supply a medical marijuana a try. Actually, in our state, there certainly is no longer a distinction between medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana. So I had no reason not to go try. It was appreciate flipping on a switch. That’s the closest approximation I have to how sudden and impactful the change was in our brain or emotions or whatever. Where there had only been fear, there was now hope, joy, faith, plus current found confidence. For the first time in our life, it felt okay to just be myself.


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