Learning to love appetite and overcome eating disorder with cannabis

So it all makes so much more sense to myself and others now.

  • I always wondered why marijuana use was always fastened to getting a case of the munchies.

Well, now I suppose for sure, but it’s been not quite a year since I’ve been treating with medical marijuana and I can assure you that I have an appetite now, but prior to this I had never used cannabis products. however this was area of our treatment program Trevor, a lifelong eating disorder, but when I finally went to therapy for our eating disorder, I was shown all of the medical marijuana benefits however it came to our situation. It took nearly many decades before I finally reached out for help with our problem. Much of it stems from our body concerns as I was growing up. This might sound bizarre coming from guy however it happens to all of us no matter our gender… For sure, I tried to hide it for years and years, however but hiding it led to isolation add dire damage to our health. It was finally time to confront our eating disorder or risk dire health concerns. My therapy is holistically based with an emphasis on natural products. Hence, the use of cannabis flower products. With the medical marijuana benefits for our condition, I’m now seeing our appetite as a great thing. And I’m studying about nutrition and how to have a reasonable approach to diet. Plus, the cannabis products I use also do so much for myself and others when it comes to maintaining a positive outlook. I’m actually thankful that I faced our problem. Cannabis flower products are now helping myself and others understand that an appetite is a great thing.

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