It’s a marijuana vacation

I love going on vacation.

I have about four or five weeks a year these days for vacation or sick time.

It took me many years at my job to a accrue that much time. My wife, also has that much vacation time and we use every hour of it. See, we enjoy going to regions where recreational marijuana is legal. It’s almost like a marijuana destination vacation. My wife and I met in college while trying to make pot brownies for the first time at a party. Of course, we didn’t know what we know now. Those pot brownies were terrible and we wasted a lot of good cannabis product. But we met each other and that’s what mattered. These days, at least we know how to make a proper pot brownie. Of course the sativa or indica product needs to be infused in the oil for the brownies. But where we live, there are no pot brownies for sale. That’ because there is no legal access to a cannabis dispensary. We are lucky to know a cannabis grower so our needs are always met. However, getting away on vacation and touring different cannabis dispensaries is just the most fun. We’ve even gotten to the point where we travel with other people or meet them in areas where we can tour different marijuana businesses. Finding different sativa strains or indica strains or hybrid strains is now such a passion. It’s such a passion that we plan our vacations around it. Hopefully one day, we’ll have a local cannabis spot of our own.