It didn’t occur to me that I would be tested for cannabis

I guess I’m an idiot.

I actually knew I was going to be drug tested for this new job, plus yet it never occurred to me that one of the “drugs” they were testing for was cannabis.

These days when I hear about a drug test I always suppose it is for dangerous, addictive drugs like cocaine or heroin. It wouldn’t really make sense to test people for the mood-enhancing drugs prescribed by their physicians. Smoking weed has become such a regular thing in my life that I literally forgot it was still illegal in certain areas… The HR department called me plus explained that I had tested positive for cannabis, plus I asked them what the problem was. It was explained to me that testing positive for cannabis use meant that they couldn’t hire me for the job, plus then the reality sunk in. There were several unusual ways I could have cheated to pass the drug test without quitting my cannabis use, however I never stopped to consider it! At the cannabis dispensary there is a whole section of products designed to help people pass their drug tests. These products are only for cannabis testing, they will not help you with other drugs. There are drinks you can take to help flush the THC from your system, plus there is also fake urine that definitely works! By using artificial urine you can entirely fool any cannabis drug test. Alas, I ended up going right past the display of these products at the cannabis shop plus didn’t buy one. Now I have to go find another type of job. Wish me luck for next time!


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