I wanted to know more about the marijuana delivery driver

My wife and I have been fighting all of the time.

A few weeks ago he said that she needed a break, but I did not know that she wanted to break up at the time.

I thought she needed a couple of hours. She went to her sibling’s home like she does every time that we have an argument. While she was at her sibling’s house, she cheated on me with a guy that delivers weed. The recreational and medical marijuana delivery driver is a friend of her siblings and the guy came by after work. My wife does not usually smoke marijuana, but she decided to because we were arguing. Sleeping with the guy. She did not tell me until a couple of days ago. I guess the stress of keeping the secret was getting to be too much. She really does not seem like she feels guilty about honestly doing the deed. I tried to get her to tell me the name of the guy. She knows that I will order marijuana from the recreational store and find out who it is. It would be nice to talk to the guy, and after all, he slept with my wife. I don’t want to argue about it, despite the fact that I would like to give the guy a piece of my mind. I would also like the marijuana delivery driver who knows that my wife is not on the market and we are working things out. He really needs to stop texting her in the middle of the night when he gets done with work.

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