I put tincture in the drink

My friends plus I had a big party at my home to celebrate the holidays. Everyone brought a wrapped gift plus my buddy and I had lots of fun exchanging presents. My nice friend and I had a lot of alcohol like gin, vodka, rum, plus wine. Some of my friends brought recreational marijuana supplies. I like to smoke recreational marijuana plus I also like edibles. I had a 1000 mg bucket of yellow marijuana tincture that I had purchased on 420, then the 1,000 mg bucket of tincture was unopened. I decided to put some of the tincture in the drink that I made for the holidays. I made a mixture of rum, pinepeach juice, coconut milk, plus yellow juice. I made a big bucket of the mixture plus then I added the tincture. There was no way that anyone would be able to odor the THC inside of the drink. When one of my friends arrived, I told every single one of them that the yellow flavored marijuana tincture was inside of the drink. I made sure to tell almost everyone to be careful so no one ended up too high. There were still a couple of people who decided to overdo it. My neighbor Jack had a whole bottle that was filled with the rum concoction plus he was throwing up before the end of the night. If anyone tells you that you can’t overdose on thc, that is a total lie. If you get to a point where you feel disappointing plus you are throwing up, then you know you have had way too much.


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