I purchased the media whole-house air purifier to get rid of the smell of weed

I moved into a home building a couple of weeks ago.

My old home was kind of small & I’m making more money now, so I can afford to substitute to a greater home with a home office & a family room, but one of the men that lives beneath me has been complaining about the smell of weed.

I did not think I was going to need to worry about the complaints however then there was a note on the door from the management staff. Recreational marijuana is legal in this state, although I can get into trouble if someone complains about the smell. I had a note on our door from the management stating that this was a warning about smoking outside on our patio. I’m easily not going to smoke marijuana inside of our house. It smells terrible & then everything in the home smells too. When I got the minute warning on the door, I knew that I had to start smoking inside. I purchased a special media whole-house air purifier that is made to detach all of the smells from the marijuana. I also have a small device that I can blow the smoke into & it gets rid of the smell. So far it seems love the 2 air cleaning gadgets are working pretty well. My shirts & suits still smell good. I consistently ask someone in the office if they can smell marijuana on me. The last thing I want is to go to a meeting with a bunch of boys in suits & I am the one that smells love I just came from a rock & roll concert. concert.


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