I don’t like sharing my cannabis

I really am not a fan of sharing my cannabis. My state offers recreational cannabis. So it is easy to pop into a cannabis dispensary and get the product you need. There are limits to how much you can purchase however. Also, it is kind of a pain to make the trip. Most people attempt to mooch on your cannabis products I have noticed. When I am at a party everyone is on the hunt for who brought weed with them. It is way better than getting drunk. When you are high you aren’t taking in pointless calories and possibly a danger to others. You aren’t going to get sick and be hungover the next day. Everyone would prefer to smoke over drink. I used to vape cannabis oil. The vultures would come criculing me and would vape with me. I lost all my products after one party. Now I am more discreet in my cannabis use. I don’t want to share. I bought it and made the special trip, so it is mine. I do THC infused gummies when I am feeling fun. It looks like a normal package of candy. I only bring a few with me and munch on them when pizza is ordered and ready. Everyone is eating dinner while I am also having a special dessert. I then get to actually be high and only take the recommended amount. Nobody considers that a brightly colored gummy could have that much THC in it. Also, an edible is a faster high since it hits the bloodstream quicker. It also doesn’t last as long. That is exactly what I want.

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