I didn't wait until I got our actual card

I went to the medical marijuana dentist a couple of weeks ago plus he approved myself and others for medical marijuana. I had to sign up online with the state plus the receptionist said it would entirely take about two or several weeks to receive the card in the mail. The online registry replaced much quicker. The person in the office told myself and others that I could go to the dispensary as long as I had our patient ID number. The patient ID number was given to myself and others a couple of afternoons after I went to the dentist. As soon as I got the patient ID number, I went to the dispensary. The lady in the front office was harshly nice, friendly, plus helpful, however she set myself and others up with all of the information I needed regarding our purchases at the medical marijuana clinic. She talked with myself and others about the bizarre products available plus got more information about our particular ailment. When I told her that I suffered from extreme pains in our neck plus joints, she pointed out some products that were going to be helpful for our particular condition. The budtender made our experience much more enjoyable, because she knew what type of products to recommend. The next time I went to the cannabis dispensary, I did not get someone that was as knowledgeable as the first person. The hour person could not even tell the difference between an indica plus a sativa. She was genuinely no help at all. She was friendly plus kind, however she didn’t know any more information about marijuana than I did.


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