I am stoked to have a local cannabis spot

When the word started to spread that a current cannabis dispensary would go up in our end of town, I felt ecstatic about it.

  • This was something that many of us in this community legitimately wanted to see.

Our end of the town is in the midst of a spiritual rebirth. And having something as legit as a nice cannabis dispensary in our community of retail shops adds something to the area. I have lived in town a long time so I saw it go from being the middle class end of town to the terrible end of town and now it’s changing back. I’m so thankful to see there are people interested in making this space of our community much brighter. With the influx of locally owned businesses such as the marijuana business, we’re opening back up to be an inclusive community again. I must divulge that community aside, I was happy to have a local cannabis spot quite frankly. I’ve enjoyed smoking recreational marijuana for a lot of years however legitimately had to do that on the DL. Now that there are adequate cannabis laws in our state, people can access the cannabis dispensary. It’s now legal to purchase both recreational marijuana or medical marijunana. But having a local cannabis spot means I don’t have to take 3 city buses to get to the other cannabis dispensary where I appreciate to shop for marijuana for sale. A local cannabis shop did open and it’s literally only a 6 block walk from where I live. It’s a truly awesome place to find cannabis products and it’s right around the corner.

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