Gran said that if they complained about her smoking, she’d say it’s CBD.

My grandma grew up in an era where smoking pot was something everybody did.

Nobody raised an eyebrow at seeing adults at a party drinking alcohol, using marijuana products, or smoking a cigarette.

My grandma told me that when she was first caught smoking marijuana, she told her parents that it was just a cigarette, and although they grounded her, they didn’t stop her from smoking. She told me ‌she had been smoking marijuana since she was 17 years old, and she didn’t plan on ever stopping. I think grandma liked that little high that she got every night, and it helped her to sleep. I was just looking for something to help me sleep and to take away a bit of my pain. I had been suffering from RA ever since I was six years old. When they diagnosed me with JRA, the doctors told mom to consider CBD to help with the pain, but mom said no. She told mom that CBD was different from pot. I could hear Gran talking to mom and trying to convince how much safer CBD would be for me than all the drugs the doctors were prescribing. After three years, mom bought her first packet of CBD Gummies for me. I tried the CBD and, unlike the pain pills, it took about an hour to work. I wasn’t woozy or tired after using the CBD, and it improved the difference in my pain level. When Gran saw ‌ mom was okay with the CBD, the next time mom complained about marijuana, she told mom it was just CBD.


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