Did you guess that marijuana can help with pain relief?

I have l received a lot about the uses for medical marijuana since the accident happened

Marijuana can help with pain relief & anxiety. I have been using medical marijuana products for the past 10 years. When I started using medical marijuana it was due to anxiety. I suffered from PTSD due to an abusive childhood. I still have issues this week, although I go to a counselor & I take our medications love I should. Medical marijuana is extremely helpful for relieving stress & anxiety & other PTSD symptoms. I did not guess that marijuana could be helpful for pain relief until I was in a vehicle accident. I broke our arm & I had a terrible fracture in our leg as well. I could not take the pain pills that the doctor prescribed. They made me assume particularly bizarre & not in a fantastic way. I was dizzy & particularly sick to our stomach. I smoked marijuana one time & the pain was almost non-existent. I fell asleep taxing & slept for a long time. The next day when I woke up, I decided to ditch the pain pills for medical marijuana products. It took 6 weeks to salvage from the accident & I used medical marijuana products the whole time. I have l received a lot about the uses for medical marijuana since the accident happened. Medical marijuana can be effective in treating a number of physical & mental ailments. After seeing the results for myself, I cannot understand why all of the states have not opted to legalize marijuana for at least medical purposes across the board! Studies show clear results & you cannot argue with science.


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