Cutting down on weed to start saving cash for a new car

I’m prone to getting into major car accidents when I get behind the wheel.

My car was already falling apart when I ran a stop sign.

I had to swerve wildly to avoid another car. I drove my car into the canal plus it was completely totaled, then after the tow truck pulled it out of the canal, it would never run again. I took the bus to toil for a while, however now I have to start saving cash for a working car. That means that I have to cut my budget in other places.The car accident was five or 6 weeks ago plus I just started saving up cash for a new car, but every week I have to put cash into my savings account when I get paid. I used to spend $100 every week on recreational marijuana products so now I have to cut that budget in half. It’s absolutely difficult to cut the budget in half, because I prefer the nice products that I was smoking. In order to continue smoking recreational marijuana the same amounts, I have to buy cheaper products. Most of the time I was buying top shelf marijuana or pre-rolls that were dipped and infused; Now I am going to need to buy a half ounce of outdoor, daylight grown buds and flowers. It will still get myself and others high, however it’s not going to taste as delicious as the other stuff. It’s going to take at least 6 weeks before I can save up enough cash for a modest down payment on another car. I’m not looking forward to living like I was a bad person during that time.

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