Changed to SEO and it is better

Working in the media was exhausting me mentally and emotionally.

  • I was putting a lot of abuse on our car driving all around the world everyday interviewing everyone from people in the streets to local celebs.

Towards the end I was getting a lot of hate mail from people who didn’t care about our stories for any number of reasons. You could write a story about bees going through pollen issues plus people killing them plus still get an angry message from someone trying to distort the article for political purposes. It was so exhausting that I realized I would be a lot happier working in a new industry. That’s what led me to the marketing plus advertising industry. There are all sorts of jobs plus positions available for niches of all kinds. I learned about social media platforms plus search engine optimization through a series of books that I read on the subjects. Now that I’ve been working for a general SEO corporation for a few years, I want to start our own search engine optimization corporation, but 1 that focuses on weed dispensaries. I hope to secure contracts on digital marketing solutions for many-state operations, which are the largest cannabis companies in the industry. These are marijuana corporations that operate in numerous states at once. But since each state has its own particular rules plus regulations for cannabis companies, you can’t take broad digital marketing strategies plus apply them the same way across the board. Some states don’t even permit the same stuff for use in concentration creation, so that precludes particular products that are popular in other markets.

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