Can’t wait to go back to the cannabis dispensary

It legitimately is hard for folks to understand that I went all of my adult life without ever trying recreational marijuana.

It wasn’t that I never had the opportunity to sample a pot brownie or share some sativa at a friendly gathering. But for 1 reason or another, I just didn’t. I have to divulge that a lot of the myth and misinformation around cannabis smoking played a major part in my stern reticence to try marijuana. But I was also just not all that interested. There was so much that I had to keep in my head as I was going through college. I was there not so much for the gathering as I was to pursue my passions. Yet, as I have aged, I’ve experienced more than my share of challenges. So when the cannabis law was amended to allow for recreational marijuana use, I thought it might be something I wanted to try doing. Perhaps my large hang up with the cannabis thing was that it was simply illegal. To be sure, I wasn’t interested in any of the hassles or potential job or domestic troubles that would come from a cannabis arrest. But since it’s now legal, I took a friend and went shopping for marijuana on sale. The first thing that took myself and others by surprise was just what a nice shopping experience it was. The local cannabis spot is just attractive inside. The lighting, music and displays are just so high class. I felt as though I was inside a high end gourmet shop. Instead, I was getting a sampler of the best cannabis products put together by the awesome staff at the local cannabis spot.