Cannabis products are an aspect of my health and wellness

For the longest time, I paid zero attention to my body.

The only time I legitimately acknowledged my body was to feed it what it desired. My unhealthy Appetites were the only thing I was interested in when it came to my body. I also took for granted that my body would keep doing whatever I needed it to do and on demand. That’s so not the case these days and I have a local cannabis dispensary to thank for that. I have been using recreational marijuana in the past however it was always sort of a small component of a hard-partying lifestyle. If I was out drinking, there was always the opportunity I would wind up finding some killer cannabis. But for sure, it was the alcohol that I was interested in. And then, it was the late night junk food and junk food frenzy that would close out a long night of drinking. That’s a truly wonderful way to destroy your body if not your life. I finally wised up and slowed down that kind of lifestyle in a large way. Still, I wasn’t doing the right things when it came to exercise, diet, meditation, rest and hydration when it came to my body. That changed when I realized that I was hugely out of shape. So I switched to a way more holistic lifestyle. Out went all the unhealthy stuff for myself and others and in came wonderful food, balance in life, plenty of exercise and rest as well. I also included to trips to the local cannabis spot. Indica and sativa products are a space of this current wellness idea as well. The Indica strains help my body reuse and reduce inflammation while the sativa strains help myself and others with perspective and better life balance.


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