Boating was a fun way to spend a Saturday

My best friend Jack grew up with fancy things in his life. His mom was a doctor and his dad was a pilot. The guy had everything that he wanted when we were kids. He always had the latest and greatest video game system. I was glad that Jack and I were best friends, because I always got to hang out and try the new stuff when he did. When it was time to go to college, Jack and I attended the same school. We have been friends for more than 10 years. Jack and I are both in the same profession. On the weekends we like to hang out and relax. A couple of months ago, Jack bought a new boat. The two of us took the boat out for the first time last saturday. The weather is finally warm enough to enjoy being outdoors. Jack and I drove the boat about 20 miles up the river. We found a great spot to go fishing. I cast three poles into the water and I had them all set up on the left side of the boat. After I got all of my poles into the water, I told Jack that I was going to light a recreational marijuana joint so the two of us could smoke out. Jack thought that was an excellent idea too. The two of us smoked a joint while the boat was idling. We were in one spot with the anchor down. We smoked a whole recreational marijuana joint before I saw a snag on the pole. Something was biting the end of my line. I gave the marijuana joint to Jack and I grabbed my pole to reel in the big fish.

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