Appreciating edibles

My first trip to the cannabis dispensary, I was overwhelmed by all of the choices.

  • I was especially excited by the selection of edibles.

I hadn’t realized there were so many options above and beyond gummies and brownies. Along with dozens of flavors and brands of gummies, the dispensary offers all sorts of baked goods, hard candies, beverages, chocolates, capsules and even ice cream. I love browsing the different types of cookies, crispy treats, peanut butter cups, mints, caramels, suckers, colas, lemonades, tonics, root beers, mocktails and cannabeers. While I’ve tried smoking, vaping and the various consumption methods, I prefer edibles. There is no worry over the drawbacks of carcinogens. Consuming them doesn’t require any special skills or extra gear. The process is easy and doesn’t create smoke, ash, odors or mess. Eating an edible is wonderfully discreet. The products are safely packaged and clearly labeled. It’s not difficult to be accurate about dosing. Although most edibles include the flavor of cannabis, I like it. I also have enough experience with cannabis-infused edibles to understand the delayed onset of effects. After eating a single dose of an edible, I wait several hours before consuming more. It takes that long to fully realize the high sensation. Because the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream, the effects are more intense and can last for quite a few hours. This proves especially helpful when treating chronic pain or trying to get a good night’s sleep. With edibles gaining so much popularity, there are no options introduced all the time. There are CBD, hybrids, indicas and sativas in all potency and flavors that target any desired effect.


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